Wednesday, 31 March 2010


so i hate blogging at school, makes me sound young. but at this point i have no option. currently I'm sitting in my ICT lesson and i have a supply that told me , "stop blogging and go on games" i was like what the fuck is wrong with these teachers.
so any ways.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010


so im sitting in my favourite spot in norwich, thinking what should i do today. So i thought to my self, "Well whats all the hype over blogs?" So i reaserched them and saw his amazing blog by someone called Clemencee, so five minutes after reading that im typing this. Im not going to lie i love talking about my self and this is lovley for me i mean seriously.
so im curantly using this as a diary antything that i feel i should write down i will do so, in this form. i spose its just, im one of them people that loves to capture every moment. i have my phone ready at every second ready for somthing to snap, my phone is full of randon pictures worthless to most people but to me they're the funniest things ever! Next id just like to express my feelings for diana vickers, and my love for her new single - once.

Truly amazng! take a look.
And then also my look of the day: this luch outfit i saw (not personally)i just love the clashes that she's made with the tartan and the leopard print, just genius!