Friday, 7 May 2010

"your hair is in a centre parting, i hate you"

The confidence building words of Ella-mae as she mocks my new hair style. She didn't even contemplate the fact that i'd been standing in the rain for an hour. So on the subject of middle partings. Lately me, and im sure alot of other girls my age slightly interested in fashion have an obsession with the 'it' girl of 2010 Alexa Chung and thanks to the invention of wikipedia, twitter and google images I have the ability to stalk her 24/7. I mean OMGZZZZ what can I say she made she made curtains look 'greaaaat' and the boyish look look super fine. Also Chung got an unforgettable mention in: The Midnight Beast - Feat. ST£FAN-TIK TOK parody. Witch is unbelievable addictive. Peace Out xoxo

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