Monday, 28 June 2010

'im gonna have a house party in my house'

I hate to go on about school, but im completely sick of it. Ive never been at the same school for this long before and its driving me mad, getting up going to school seeing the same people everyday, its just incredibly tedious to be honest. To make things even worse i have a brand new set, which i hate, and all my friends have gone on a fucking school trip to 'KENYA', oh well they'll probably get shot, die of aids or get bitten by some sort of deadly mosquito and yep.. die.

So all my negativity aside, its the norfolk show (the highlight of my year) on Wednesday YAY you cant just tell that i have this insane life ;). Oh and also its hot, but then im pale and stay out of the heat most of the time, yanno. 

Oh yeah and just came back from Germany last week (school trip) it was really educational, i mean lets face it i learnt how to say i have 'i have diarrhoea' in German. RESULT!!!!! and had various inappropriate conversations with my teacher including talking about him being camp, clunge, his relationship with another female teacher (ha. how childish) and tons more. 

when i find a new job this dreammmmmmmm is mine. xxx

                                photography: Steven Meisel                   

                            Fannie Schiavoni autumn/winter 2010.

                            thought that was pretty appropriate    

                                       from:Vintage Virgin

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